Top Flash Games 2012

snail bob

It is a pretentious title “Top Flash Games of 2012” isn’t it? A true gamer would’ve defined genres at very least. But I’m not going to sort games by their genre, not in this blog. Picking only the most popular games would help us to determine the most popular genre along with games too.

5 – Shopping Cart Hero 3


SCH may not be the coolest game out there but it appears the game is one of the coolest ones for Android. Ironically, platform of the game is the first reason why this game is so popular on PC. For those who never played Shopping Cart Hero 3, game is about silly stick man racing on the shopping cart. Naturally, game cannot be popular if any kind of “upgrades” isn’t involved. But first let me explain how this game works: You sit on a shopping cart and roll down the hill, bigger territory you cover more points (cash) you get, more cash you get more fancy upgrades you can buy (some of them are useful and some of them to show off). Upgrades in the game increase your speed and other stats and also make you look cool, which is one of the main reasons why SCH is so popular. It is truly a great game for mobile platform, not so great for PC but you can’t argue with millions of people playing it online.

4 – Earn 2 Die


Ironic, Earn 2 Die is basically a shopping cart hero, only about zombies. Well there are many differences of course but the concept of the game, its mechanics is practically similar. Objective of the game is kind of similar too, except in Earn 2 Die, you are trying to escape zombie infestation. Now, imagine a post-apocalyptic world, zombies everywhere and typical issue in every apocalypse worlds, lack of gas. You have a car that you’re planning to use to escape. But the lack of gas is a big problem. So you have to try earn cash to upgrade your vehicle so that you can escape. More territory you cover on each race, more cash you get and upgrade your car. Worth mentioning the fact that upgrades in Earn 2 Die are much more fun than in SCH3: upgrading engine and transmission boosts your speed, new tires make you bounce better, weapons help you to get rid of zombies on the way, they slow you down on collision. I’d say Earn 2 Die is a lot more fun than SCH, to play on PC that is. But not everyone likes zombies so…

3 – Sugar Sugar


I’m not completely sure if the game is made in 2012 but it sure is one of the most popular ones in this year. Sugar Sugar is a truly epic game, no clichés, no nothing that you’ve seen anywhere else before. 100% original kind of puzzle / skill game. If there were awards for flash games, Sugar Sugar could win the first place easy. One thing about this game, it is so much inspiring, you may want to start making flash games yourself. Pure example of gameplay process being most important factor in games; this would be my first choice and I’d given it 1st place without thinking twice but, then again, not many people like “thinking games”, not that it makes you think hard but definitely harder than any shooter game does. Explaining what the game is about would spoil all the fun. Play Sugar Sugar and stick with it until level 18 (it’ll be easy) and I guarantee, you will fall in love with this game.

2 – Kingdom Rush


I didn’t know this many people liked strategy games and honestly I’m glad, more people appreciate this genre more developers start making games like Kingdom Rush. KR is one of my favorite games of all time. Even if you don’t like strategy or defense games in general, Kingdom Rush is still excellent game for you. Also it is one of the most played games on Armor Games today.

Tower Defense (medieval style) in fantasy world; orcs, mages, knights and all that good stuff; superb balance, drawings and animation, fantastic gameplay, lots of upgrades that make you feel like you’re playing Blizzard Tower Defense, father of all TD games; Kingdom Rush is a must play for every gamer out there.

1 – Snail Bob

snail bob

I don’t like Snail Bob games, any of the series but that is not to say I don’t recognize it; I perfectly understand why so many people like this game. Unfortunately you’re not gonna like what I have to say about it: Snail Bob is a “puzzle game” that can and most likely will make you fill like you’re smart (even if you’re not)… I’m not trying to insult anyone, what I’m really mad about is the fact what developers turned the genre “puzzle” into. Bragging about “I defeated snail bob game” makes my ears heart….

Enough with insults now more about the game: Like I said, Snail Bob series belong to puzzle genre, I wish to think it was primarily made for kids but I haven’t seen a kid playing it so far, only adults so… the point is, game is too easy for any puzzle and it has a lot taken from other games. Sunshines and puppies make it look at bit childish and it is actually a good for kids to play it. I just realized that’s all I have to say about Snail Bob. My apologies.

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